Free hands, Eliminate coronavirus, Completely!

Mar 18, 2020

Free hands, Eliminate coronavirus, Completely!

The 2020s was destined to be an extraordinary time. Coronavirus not only brought huge lossed to the economy, but also caused a great threat to human health at the beginning of the new year.

The 20's will be the 10 years of the outbreak of the Intelligent Internet of Things. The global Internet of Things is running at an unimaginable rate of development. And the sensor is one of the key links in the LoT industry chain.

Shenzhen Haisen Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to expanding the business in the field of intelligent control, focusing on the rapid development of special sensors for germicidal lamps.


With the motion detection function, the sensor could control the lamp ON/OFF automatically without manually switch. It frees hands totally which mostly reduce the risk of getting infection of the COVID-19.



Sensor Features: 


1. Smartly control the lamp ON/OFF through detecting movement to reduce the risk of touching.

2. With compact size, the sensor could be built-in the lamp which won't do anything to the appearance of the lamp.

3. With different HOLD TIME options to leave enough time for people and protect personal safety from the ultraviolet harm.

4. DC input, easily wiring connection and low costing.



Free hands, Eliminate coronavirus, Completely!

Take care of your health and protect others as well!

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